What’s a Suite Sampler?

Who wants a 12×12 delicious box of crafting goodies in the mail each month? I do! I do!

But… I’m also on a budget!

Not a problem! I’m excited to share my super inexpensive Stampin’ Up Suite Sampler subscription box from Song of My Heart!

Every month I pull together coordinating embellishments, matching ribbons, accent papers and complementing die cuts for a different Stampin’ Up suite each month! The supplies are 99% Stampin’ Up products (they’re the best!) but occasionally there’s other pieces or embellishments I just really felt belonged with that month’s collection.

I use my background in graphic design and layout to use the same box you’ll get to create each month’s inspiration pages and cards so you have plenty of ideas to dive into when your Suite Sampler arrives.

I love packaging everything up and making sure each Suite Sampler box just feels so EXTRA when you open it. I created the subscription box I wished was out there–one that works for both cardmakers AND scrapbookers, AND comes with amazing inspiration galleries for both, with a free 30-day pass to My Layout Library!

Best of all, YOU CHOOSE when you want to participate, knowing the next month’s Suite Sampler theme in advance. It’s announced by the 1st of the month, and you have until the 1oth to adjust your subscription accordingly. Easy!

Email me today to ask for your $29/mo. invoices (plus Priority Mail shipping) to begin with next month! Cancel anytime or skip a month if needed. I can’t wait to make up your very first Suite Sampler box. You’ll be so glad you gave it a go!

PS–did I mention each Suite Sampler subscription comes with free access to My Layout Library? And its own monthly gallery for inspiration? Yeah, baby!

PS (again)– let me know if you need the latest Stampin’ Up catalog and I’ll include it in your first Suite Sampler at NO additional cost!