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11 thoughts on “Weekly Stampin’ Up Puzzles to play!”

  1. Oh Lyssa, I am so glad to see another puzzle. They actually help me in find a few respite moments of the day. I have missed them but totally understand what a trying time you’ve been through. I’ve been following, knowing you would return the puzzles along with all your other cards and projects. I’m hoping the new SAD light will help you. Let us know in case others would find it helpful. Thanks for keeping us informed about everything.
    Karen Tenney

  2. I love doing your puzzle! Missed it a few weeks ago as it did not appear on your usual email. I was so glad to discover even more information about designing cards. Many, many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
    I live in South Africa and the postage is exorbitant, so I don’t order except if I can find a friend who could bring a small parcel back for me. I hope you will understand.
    Best wishes for a very successful year
    Lots of appreciation and thanks

  3. Lyssa,
    I’m not sure if I’m looking in the right place on the new site but I haven’t seen any new puzzles since February. Is there a special place or link for them or is it you just haven’t had the time. Missing them!

  4. Thanks for the link Lyssa. I bookmarked it on my favorite bar. I so look forward to the puzzles so am consantly checking. Hope you are doing okay!

  5. Thank you, Lyssa for your puzzles. I too look forward to them. Have been missing them for a couple weeks now. I am aware that you weren’t well. Hope that you are doing much, much better now.

  6. Absolutely love the puzzles. Thanks, I really enjoy doing them, I usually re-size (eg more pieces, ) absolutely fantastic. Also love your card ideas etc.
    Gayle (Australia)

  7. Ok, I’m like Karen Tinney, having a hard time finding the’puzzle.
    I click on it but nothing happens.
    I must admit I’m challenged.
    Thank you


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