Want $155 worth for just $99?

Next up on news you can use is a gigantic SALE on the Starter Kit! During June 2023 it’s just $99 for $155 worth of ANY PRODUCT YOU CHOOSE as your kit, and you pay only tax, no shipping! I can’t stress enough what a great deal this is.

BUT LYSSA…. I can hear you asking!!

What if I want the kit but I’m not sure I want to commit to be a demo?

That’s ok! Getting the Starter Kit does NOT obligate you at all. If you get it and love it and want to start holding classes or maybe sharing little videos of what you’re making, it’s quick and fun to get the business side going. When you share what you’re excited about, your enthusiasm is contagious! And I’ll help you every step of the way.

But if you get that Starter Kit on the way and are content to just be your own best customer, enjoying the discount and our team challenges and perks, that’s ok too! You’ll never be pressured to do more.

There’s really no reason NOT to get the kit, either way! Please email me if you have more questions. Otherwise, here’s the link to pick out your kit!

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