Thinking of You, Grandma B

Made this card for my grandma as she recovers from cancer surgery. Last night at our open scrapbooking night here in Watertown, I also made her eight thank-you cards with the same set, so she can thank all the people who are helping take care of her right now. My dad called right after she got out of surgery yesterday and things look pretty good. The tumor looked very self-contained and they have great hopes that it had not spread anywhere else yet. She is home recovering now and hopes to be back on her feet soon. Can't keep a good girl down–they have cross-country vacation plans for the middle of the month, which they did not want to cancel! Thank you to everyone who is praying for her.

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1 thought on “Thinking of You, Grandma B”

  1. Lys, your ideas for a Get Well pkg for GrGma are just stunning. She will be so happy to get your box. She IS doing great, and is holding court for her friends today, surrounded by flowers and cookies and such. Gpa Carl is serving her like a Queen. (Guess that makes YOU the Grand Princess, Dearie!)


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