The power of a card: Honor Flight

My team has participated in a lot of very worthy service projects over the last few years. I never cease to be amazed at how giving Stampin' Up demonstrators are, whether it's time or supplies, or even donate cash for shipping or postage stamps. It's such a privilege for me to watch them brainstorm ways to give even more, and go the extra mile. And the delight with which they jump on the latest project is so fun to see.


We've enjoyed helping all the great causes and charities we've worked with, but Wisconsin's Badger Honor Flight is special.

I think because it affects us all. Whether our loved one is able to be the honoree on one of these special trips, or whether we wished they were still around today to see how America can rise up and honor her soldiers, it's personal.

My grandfathers died before this program existed, and my step-grandpa is in too fragile of health to go, but when I see those men receiving their due from a grateful nation, I see Robert Griffin Sr. and Sidney Bohren and Carl Collea and my heart breaks with love and pride. I see their wives, Helen Griffin, Norinne Bohren and Grace Collea, whose hardest battles were fought after the war was "over" and the soldier came home to her arms.

And I see the best of us. The America I hope we can be again.


(Photo credit: Stars & Stripes Honor Flights Facebook Page)

So many of us don't think we have anything to give. Well, yes, I can make cards. But- "It's just a card."

Fact is, "just a card" is so often all that's needed.

Ask that soldier there in the wheelchair with the Mail Call packet on his lap.

Ask him what he eyes were too blurry to read on the plane, but that will be read and lingered over many, many times in the days and weeks to come as he recalls the day the nation thanked HIM. Ask him about the day a total stranger prayed a blessing over him with the work of her hands and with the words of her heart.

Ask him the power of a card.

I think you already know the answer.

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4 thoughts on “The power of a card: Honor Flight”

  1. Beautiful card and sentiment for our honored veterans. This is such a worthy cause and my husband participated in it numerous times. Each time he escorted a veteran he was so humbled and honored. Thank you for participating.

  2. You are right…a card can make a difference. When our son was overseas in Korea as part of the Vermont Air National Guard, the cards he and his comrades received made such a difference. Thank you for sharing this very inspiring story.


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