Scrapper’s Sketch of the Week: 9/9/10


I call this one my "Belt Buckle" spread! This two page layout puts the focal point picture in the spotlight in two ways–one, by matting it, when all the other photos are not matted, and two, by having that single photo be a different shape than all the others in the spread. 

By stacking the journalling above the headline, you're directing the eye to go read the journalling first after it is naturally drawn to the focal point. Make sure your background paper choice is not too busy for the photos, since they are unmatted. Small, vertical stripes look good with a strongly horizontally-heavy layout.

The small circles represent a repeating embellishment, but you could also have them be numbers or letters if your photos run in a sequence. I am envisioning this page for the gorgeous maple in our backyard as it changes colors this fall. I'll take a photo every few days, putting the best and brightest one in the focal point. I heard once that each mature tree can make over a half a million leaves. No wonder it takes me so long to rake!

Happy Scrapping! And thanks for making my site #69 in the Scrapbooking Top 50 ranking, as of today.

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