Scrapper’s Sketch of the Week: 9/30/10

Here we go again after a week off for my scrapbooking retreat last weekend! That was so fun, and I got soooo much done! It was hard to come back to reality (and making school lunches) on Monday, for sure!

This week's sketch was designed for all those summer water photos you took. Whether it was the pool, the lake, or the beach, this fun, wavy layout will be perfect to complement them. You can get two of the waves from one sheet of 12×12–but split it in half first before you begin. Cut one wave to suit you and then trace the outline of it on the second piece and cut it out to match.

Run your headline in a differently wavy direction and you'll have a more visually interesting look than if you sent the headline swooping along with the other waves, a more expected approach. Keep the embellishments to a minimum because this is a busy spread and you don't want to interrupt the flow from left to right. 


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