Scrapper’s Sketch of the Week: 3/25/10


Here's a quick one for you. This is the antidote to that boring scrapbook rut I see so often, with all the photos spaced out evenly all the way to the corners of the paper. Visually, groupings have more effect than individual pieces, ironically. For instance, the impact of three brads in a row is much greater than four brads spaced out in four corners. Take that principle and apply it to the photos–and it's magic.

You can use mats, or not, depending on how quick you want to be done. Keep the background very simple–steer clear of heavily patterned papers. Make the headline dark and bold enough to really hold its own with the randomness of the layout. The lightweight journalling in the upper right is a good counterpoint to the massed photos.

If you dabble in photography, this spread would be good for a study of a single person, maybe with one or two good photos of them head-on, and then several smaller photos of different parts of their body, like their hands or their feet. Maybe a contrast of your grandma's hands and your baby's toes. Or "four-generations of (insert endearing family genetic quirk here)." Or even a "guess who?" page. This could be fun! Leave a link to your pages here if you would like to share how you were inspired by this sketch. Happy Scrappin'!

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