Photo Tutorial: Easy K-Cup Compartmentalized Gift Box

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I just got a Keurig for Christmas and I don't know how I ever
managed without it! To say I "love" it is hardly an
overstatement. I really am enjoying it and I love to discover new
k-cup flavors of coffee and tea, chai and hot chocolate. Even
just having hot water practically instantaneously has been so

Anyhoo, I got to thinking that k-cups make a great gift, and a
little sampler pack would be a perfect pick-me-up for a co-worker
or a student. So I designed a little compartmentalized box that
holds four k-cups–enjoy this free photo tutorial, and leave me a
comment if you're a fellow coffee or tea fanatic!

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To begin, you'll need an 8.25 inch square piece of cardstock.
Either 8.5×11 or 12×12 work for this project, so no worries
there! Score your 8.25 inch square at 2 inches and 6.25 inches,
then rotate it 90 degrees and score it again at 2 and 6.25.

We're just creating your basic box here. Snip as shown below and
use Sticky Strip, Mini Glue Dots or other strong
box-making-worthy adhesive to adhere.

DSCF3777 copy

DSCF3778 copy

Next, you'll want to cut two strips of 5.25×2 inch cardstock,
either the same as your box or a coordinating color. These will
be your dividers.

Score them at .5 inches and 4.75 inches. Then, at the 2 and 5/8
inch mark, make a little depression or mark with your scoring
tool, just to show you the exact middle of the strip. This will
be where you make a slit with your paper snips, about halfway
through the strip.

DSCF3771 copy

Once you have both of those strips scored and the slits made, you
will combine them into one piece, fitting them together via the
slits–shown below. The little flaps you created on either end
are how it will attach to the box.

DSCF3772 copy

DSCF3773 copy

Sweet, huh? And way easier than you'd think! It's also extremely
sturdy with the reinforcement of the dividers. You can actually
use that technique for making a compartmentalized box quickly and
easily for any size box–just add one inch to the width of your
box, for a half-inch flap on either side.

I hope you enjoyed the free tutorial today! Thanks for joining me
for another installment in my "Best of Boxes" blog series. You
can find all of the supplies and papers and the marvelous new
Simply Scored board I use in my tutorials at I'd be very happy to
help you with any papercrafting needs!

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5 thoughts on “Photo Tutorial: Easy K-Cup Compartmentalized Gift Box”

  1. I just spent the morning stamping with my regular group and I showed them this project (they requested boxes for next month so I showed them your blog). They LOVED it! They loved the tea bag dispenser, too.

  2. Great little holder. I made one and replaced two of the k-cups with Ferrero Rocher…who doesn’t love chocolate and coffee! I love my keurig.

  3. Just saw this on Pinterest…of course I had to make it! I love, love coffee and my Keurig and know many who would love to receive this little gift…and I like the idea of adding chocolate! Many thanks!


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