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Nine days into our December 2012 blog series and it finally snowed a little bit! Today we woke up to a world that looks a lot more like Christmas is on the way. Maybe it will help me kick into high gear and accomplish more of that to-do list! Welcome back to the Procrastinating Crafter's Guide to (quick) Christmas Glam. Today's "use what you've got around the house" project is an adorable framed tree that I spotted at my friend Natalie's house during the Parade of Homes last Sunday. I love this idea!!

DSCF3059 copy
I apologize for the blurred picture. I did not realize it had not turned out or I would have tried again. Our huge Song of My Heart Christmas party was this weekend and I did not have time to recreate it on my own, either. But I thought this idea was so clever! Who among us doesn't have a box full of outdated or broken odds and ends of jewlery? Earrings missing one of the pair–backless brooches–a necklace that doesn't hit you right–stuff the stones fell out of–that gifted item that was NOT your style–or even a piece of vintage costume jewelry you fell in love with at a flea market or second-hand store.

Turn those shiny bit and pieces into something to bling up your home during the holidays or make a fabulous gift. I was just looking at my jewelry today as I got ready for church, and I bet I have enough for two or even three of these framed trees. I even have several things I got on my trips to Israel and Egypt, just cheapo jewelry from the street markets, that would be especially cool to use on a Christmas project. So I can't wait to get started on them!

I promise to come back and add a picture of them to this post when I get done.You guys hold me to it, ok? Because this series is all about DOING those handmade holiday projects we've been putting off and putting off. This is the year it's going to happen!

Check back in tomorrow for a super-fast ornament idea that will be PERFECT for those gift exchanges or to add to a package as an extra-special bow. And leave me a comment below if you have managed to make (or at least start!) (or OK, at least thought about starting!) one or more of the quick Christmas ideas I've had on my blog during this series! Baby steps, right?


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