Our Hawaii travel wallet arrived!


A box from Stampin' Up arrived while I was away at a scrapbooking retreat this weekend and my family was so excited they tore it open without me! Inside was this cool Hawaiian-print travel wallet with our airline tickets, nametags, luggage tags, resort brochure, and a great little booklet with everything in it–a map of the resort, the island, our agenda, a little history of Hawaii, and FAQ's. SO AWESOME!!!
We also got our meal expenditures reimbursement and it is SO generous! I know things are going to be more expensive over there, but SU never does things half way and we were very impressed with the amount. I am also very excited about the travel wallet as it is usually a good indication of the bag we will be getting, and it looks like a very fun print. I was even pleased about the cute luggage tags as they will go with my red luggage set!
It's freezing cold and windy here today and I just booked a helicopter tour in Hawaii that we will be on two weeks from tomorrow… STAMPIN' UP ROCKS!

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2 thoughts on “Our Hawaii travel wallet arrived!”

  1. I will not be jealous….I will not be jealous…..etc –
    Can you tell that I am trying to convince myself? lol You are going to have a BLAST! CONGRATS!!


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