Oreo Truffle Recipe

Boy, I don’t know what category to file this under–it’s not a paper project and it’s not family news, either! I guess I need a Recipes category!

This is about the easiest candy you’ll ever make, yet it’s so incredibly yummy that a friend of mine is making them to be the favors at her wedding reception. I got the recipe from my Pampered Chef lady and we made them at the afore-mentioned Candies Class. You’ll throw out all your difficult and tempermental truffle recipes after you try this one! I’ve included some of Lynnette’s great tips about making the truffles look professionally made.

1/2 package Oreos (or generic cream filled sandwich cookies)–crush with Food Chopper

1 package (8 oz) cream cheese–mix with crushed Oreos

1 lb almond bark or dipping chocolate, melted

Shape into balls with the Small Scoop, throw into chocolate and spoon chocolate to cover (rather than pushing the ball down into the chocolate), lifting out quickly so they don’t start to melt. Let all excess chocolate drip off (this will prevent your truffle having a puddle of solidifed chocolate around it). Drop them from the fork or candy spoon about one inch above the paper and use the edge of the fork or candy spoon to make the little curlique on the top. Let harden and then try not to eat so many you make yourself ill!

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