Nuts About Squirrels! Or, I should be working on Christmas cards

Totally should be working on my next set of Christmas card designs right now! Instead I'm playing with the squirrel stamps again. I just love these guys (they need names!) and I love the gloriously fall colors they pair so perfectly with.

Nuts About Squirrels You tree leaves fall autumn Stampin Up cartoon stamps

If the squirrels are going to follow YOU home, here's what I used to make these cards–thanks for shopping with Lyssa!

Click any image to open it larger in my Stampin' Up store!

Hint: if you need a bunch of these, click "add all to cart" and then just delete what you don't need to order. Saves time… and you can play around adding and subtracting until your cart total is comfy : )

Please check before you finalize your order that I am the demonstrator associated with it. There has been a little trouble with it changing to unknown sellers for some of my friends. I would hate for you to think I wasn't thankful for your order, when in fact I never got it in the first place–yikes!


Thanks so much for shopping with me! I am working on earning the Stampin' Up incentive trip again this year! It is a life-long bucket list kind of item–a Baltic States cruise to Copenhagen, Helsinki, Tallin, St. Petersburg and Stockholm! If I earn this trip I will be working on saving enough to add on a couple of days in nearby Prague, since both Mike and I are part Czech.

It is SO FUN to think about getting to go to northern Europe! What a dream that would be. Stampin' Up really knows how to incentivize their team. Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “Nuts About Squirrels! Or, I should be working on Christmas cards”

  1. How about George (with acorn) and Charlie for the squirrels? Yes, they are really cute!
    I hope you’re able to go on the Baltic cruise! My husband and I went to Prague for an anniversary trip a few years ago (we live in Germany, so it’s not far for us), and I can definitely recommend it.


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