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We have a new You Tube channel at last! After losing control of my first YouTube account, and spending several years with Vimeo, which has gotten really expensive, I've started a new channel called Embellish with Lyssa and am busily compiling ALL my video tutorials in one easy-to-access place on the internet. This will include all my Facebook lives, for your convenience!

I'm excited about getting everything organized under the new studio name, BUT it is going to take a while to get everything switched over and re-uploaded.

If you are already a follower on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest, you don't need to do anything–you will automatically be following under the new name. And if you already subscribe to the blog and newsletter, that will stay the same as well.

But since this is a brand new channel and I can't connect it with my old account, you will need to subscribe to follow Embellish on YouTube. I've just accepted that those followers and likes are lost; but there's something to be said for a fresh start and being organized, right? THANKS for taking a minute to make sure you're a fan of the new channel!

All right, let's go stamp together! Here's the site. Enjoy!

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