NEW SITE COMING SOON!! Big news from Song of My Heart


After experiencing prolonged outtages and service issues with my website provider, I've decided to move! I am sorry to leave Typepad as I've enjoyed and recommended their services since 2008.

There have just been too many days when I couldn't upload any photos, or save any changes, and too many times when friends have not been able to get the site to load. I can no longer wait and hope they fix their ongoing server problems, when my sites are my income and main source of information and education for my customer friends.

So… I'm a little overwhelmed, but here we go!

Please bear with me in this season of "construction" as we move sites and everything is up in the air for a bit. I'm excited about a fresh start and maybe some better organization and updated categories. Looking forward to sharing the new site when it is live!

As always, the BEST and most up to date source of information from Song of My Heart is always the newsletter. It's free, it's only once a week, and you can subscribe here.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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