NEW! Free “Cheat Sheets” Index Download for Collections 1-12!

Cheat Sheets Collections from SOMHS

Big fan of Song of My Heart's exclusive papercrafting resource, the Cheat Sheets? Well, if you've been following along, you'll be delighted to learn I've finally taken a minute to pull together an index for Volume One, Collections 1-12, so you can easily lay your hands on the one that you are looking for.

There's actually TWO indexes–one alphabetically sorted, and one by difficulty level (Easy-Moderate-Advanced). Keep track of the ones you've played with already, or circle ones you want to try next–some fellow demonstrator friends are even keeping track of which layouts they have used in classes and clubs! That's a fantastic idea.

So here's the index! I'll be adding this at no extra cost to my current Etsy listings, so when you tell your friends about Cheat Sheets, they'll be able to easily get their indexes, too. Spread the word–affordable, professional design assistance is available to instantly download, anytime. Download Cheat Sheets Index Page

I'm SO GLAD you all are loving these resources and anticipating them each month. I LOVE creating them for you. Cheat Sheets are "our little secret!" Happy creating!


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