NEW! Easy “Squash-Fold” Card video tutorial


Penni gave me a card with the cutest, quickest little card fold EVER and I couldn't wait to share it with you! I love this card because it fits in an ordinary envelope, doesn't waste paper, and still packs a big punch. Here is it when it is opened:


The only tricky part is when you fold it shut, make sure the butterflies or whatever you use for embellishments on the inside of the card are lying flat so they don't get crumpled.


Wouldn't you just LOVE to get that in the mail?!!

It really is about the easiest thing ever. One you've seen the squash fold, you'll never forget how to make it, either. Ready for the super-quick video tutorial? Four minutes of fun, comin' right up!

For your convenience, here's a complete supply list: All supplies Stampin' Up!

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