NEW! Cheat Sheets Collection #7 available now!

Cheat Sheets Collections from SOMHS

Have you heard about my new "Cheat Sheets" Collections? These handy card-maker's helpers contain six different sketches ranging from super easy to moderately difficult, complete with measurements, step-by-step instructions, and alternate layouts. There's even design hints to teach you why things look better placed in certain areas instead of others and how to choose colors that will enhance and complement your work instead of compete with it.

FINALLY… easy-to-use, professional resources for

"real-life" papercrafters … just like me.

"I look forward each month to the arrival of your newest set of Cheat Sheets. I can't wait to get into the craft room and try out the designs. There is always at least one that I am crazy about! My friends don't know what got into me. They all love the new cards I have been making. Thank you so much for offering these."

Song of My Heart's NEW exclusive "Cheat Sheets" make measurements a snap! They come via "snail mail," in non-glare page protectors, ready to go. Unlike other inspiration to be found online, which tends to lead to lots of unproductive browsing and not much actual creating, Cheat Sheets are right there physically at your crafting table, with practical but pretty projects that ordinary, busy modern papercrafters will enjoy and appreciate. Get yourself a binder and start your "Cheat Sheets" library, because this is just the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship!

Song of My Heart is making it affordable and FUN to stamp again.

Quick and professional design assistance without breaking the bank!

Each Cheat Sheet Collection is just $10, which includes shipping to the U.S. and Canada. If you live outside of the U.S. or Canada, your Cheat Sheets will be sent electronically, to be printed once for your own personal use. All measurements are in inches, just FYI : )

New to Cheat Sheets? SAVE $10.00 on your Starter Collection!

Because I'm SO POSITIVE you'll love these new guides and will want to collect them all, I'm offering the original three Cheat Sheets Collections (November 2014, December 2014 & January 2015) for just $20.

Ready to revamp your crafting?

Each individual Collection is $10. You will be sent a PayPal invoice and must pay through PayPal.

To expedite the ordering process, be sure to specify if you want

the Cheat Sheets Starter Collection (1-3) for $20

the Cheat Sheets Continuing Collection (4-6) for $20

OR if you just need the newest release for June 2015, Collection #7 ($10)

TO ORDER: email

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