My mailbox has been happy!

Full of Love stamp set

I’ve gotten some of the cutest cards in the mail lately! I was just going through a batch from this spring and recycling them to be used again. It made me smile all over again, reading the notes and running my finger over the little details and textures.

I appreciate every card (handmade or not) but let’s face it, handmade ones are next-level special!

Speedy Recovery stamp set

This one was from when I fell off the ladder in December! I enjoyed reading my friend’s funny comments over again, since I recently fell down the front steps at the studio, barged through the door and landed on the sidewalk with my legs still in the studio! I am SUCH a klutz. Nothing broken THIS time, thank goodness!

Friends are Like Seashells stamp set
Framed Florets stamp set

Sometimes my mailbox has a few treasures in it because I’ve been participating in a sample swap with other Stampin’ Up demonstrators. I LOVE seeing what they are making. Some of them have obviously put so much time and effort into their little artworks, it is just amazing. We have some really talented ladies on our team.

Forever Fern stamp set
Nuts About Squirrels stamp set

Other times the card is deceptively simple looking–but I KNOW how much work went into it because I make cards, too. I always think you have to be a cardmaker yourself to truly appreciate what goes into all the extra effort. We make it look easy : )

Scalloped Contours dies

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun little sort through my mailbox from the past couple months! There are so many more pretty ones I should probably make this a recurring post. What a blessing to have so many friends who care enough to send the very best!

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