My Layout Library tops $900 in resources in just 5 months

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Hey crafty chick!

I know you're super busy, just like me
, and you probably appreciate a timely reminder so you don't miss out on a good thing. It's not nagging when you really need to know!

I hear there are people out there who don't need to write things down or set notifications on their phones–but I am definitely not one of them! I rely really heavily on my planner, assistant Penni and hubby Mike, and a whole army of Post-It Notes to help me remember things. And I STILL flat out forget sometimes!

Well, I've got a good thing going on right now that you definitely do not want to miss, so I'm reminding everybody today that My Layout Library is just $9/mo.

After our initial six months, the Library has already become home to over $900 worth of cardmaking and scrapbooking resources, all included in the monthly fee. All of my Cheat Sheets Collections are included… all of my one-of-a-kind Scrapbooker's One-Sheet Wonders… all of my unique Cardmaker's One-Sheet Wonders… all of my bespoke Classes of the Month Club files… all of my original Scrapper's Sketches of the Week…and now a brand new category for 3-d item tutorials… all included.

For the price of ONE of my classes or collections, you've got access to them all. Can you see why I felt like this was worth a reminder? I hope you think so, too.

I know you have many voices coming at you these days with crafty inspiration, and I want you to know I take your time and your craft budget seriously. But when I see a deal that is too good to miss, I'm gonna point it out!

My Layout Library is a little splurge that's going to pay off in a HUUUUUGE way. Email me to request your $9 PayPal invoice to start on the first!

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2 thoughts on “My Layout Library tops $900 in resources in just 5 months”

  1. Hi Lyssa- I think you are brilliant giving us access to your data base of creative ideas! Could you please advise in in how to purchase what I need? I’m interested in getting access to your 3-D tutorials and bespoke card for sure. I’d probably like to glance at your card layouts, but this is a lower priority.
    What do I need to do now to gain access?
    Many thanks,
    Katy O’Fleming


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