Mmmmm… leftovers! (Paper Pumpkin ones)


I am just IN LOVE with this month's Paper Pumpkin kit! Wanna see what I did with my leftover goodies after I made the cards that came in the November 2013 monthly subscription from Stampin' Up? I got 11 different cards made from the remaining star garland after Natalie and I finished up our kits. This wreath one is my favorite!

Here's what the cards in the kit were supposed to look like (if you followed the instructions):


I loved the design so I made mine exactly like the kit said to (except I didn't wrap the garland around twice, because I had PLANS for that puppy!) Then I whipped out a pack of Smoky Slate Cut N Ready Card Bases and went to TOWN!



These two are probably my second favorite. But I also really like to clean and simple design below. And BONUS: it only takes four of my precious leftover stars.



So, what can you do if you are woefully under-Paper-Pumpkined at your house?

Well, first of all, go subscribe to the monthly kits, so this never happens again! Paper Pumpkins will be delivered to doorstep around the 15th of every month just like magic. And secondly, you could recreate this look with any small punch and a sewing machine (I know, I know, that's a lot of work). But think of it–litle hearts, little circles, little butterflies–you name it! Super cute.


Now, remember: Paper Pumpkins aren't always cards. We've had journals, a mini scrapbook, a banner and a notepad so far in addition to several cute and quick card kits in the past year. And Paper Pumpkins aren't for everyone–if you want a big challenge and fancy techniques, it might not be for you. But each kit contains exclusive stamps you will never find in any other catalog, as well as convenient little ink pad "spots", plenty of embellishments, and a little bit of crafting heaven to perk up an otherwise reeeeallly boring day. So holler if you have questions, or click here to get Cinderella to the ball!

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  1. Love what you did with the kit! The wreath is my favorite too. I always enjoy seeing what other projects people come up with the kits. Thanks for sharing these ideas with us!


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