Mini macrame Dream Catcher card

Catching up on a backlog of photos I wanted to share with you guys. I must have made this pre-COVID, back when I had energy!

This card is gorgeous but it was a lot of work, and this will most likely be the only one I make. I did enjoy dusting off my macrame skills, however hard it is to do them in baker's twine instead of good thick yarn!

Dream Catcher gold hoop cardmaking macrame Stampin Up bakers twine Lyssa

The idea for this card came about as it so often does, by accident. I had the swirly star die-cut in gold on my table, and a Gold Hoop got laid over it, and I realized it would make a really pretty dreamcatcher background.

I had tried to tie a card-sized dream catcher before and given up, but if I could make the intricate circle part without tying, I was pretty sure I could manage the tails on my own.

Dream Catcher gold hoop cardmaking macrame Stampin Up bakers twine wishes Lyssa

There will NOT be a tutorial on this one : ) BUT here's a supply list and some tips if you try it!

  • Mount your die-cut swirly stars on a punched circle the same size as the hoop and the same color cardstock as your background.
  • Trim off everything that hangs over the edge of the circle. Once the hoop goes over it no one will ever know it's separate pieces.
  • Tie your twine tails before you adhere the circle to the card. Make them longer than you think you'll need. I used four double-strand tails which gave me eight strands of twine to work with.
  • I used a clothes pin to hold my circle still while I tied the twine on and knotted the strands. Once you're done, trim them all roughly the same length.
  • The pearls look like beads on the hoop, but are just stuck on afterwards with a dot of glue.


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Silver & Petal Pink Baker's Twine

Silver & Pink Baker's Twine

Thanks for popping in to see what I've been up to lately! Feeling better and spending lots of time in the craft room catching up on the piles and working ahead towards Christmas. Still bothered with daily headaches and fatigue, but grateful for a light case for all four of us. I appreciate everyone's prayers and well wishes during our coronavirus convalescence!

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