Make these great guy cards along with me!

I had such a good time at the Masculine cardmaking classes at the Studio this weekend! Everyone enjoyed the designs and discussed to whom they were going to give which one. After the last session, I popped online and made two of them live on Facebook so you can have a little taste, too!


We started simple with the New Horizons paper card above, then added some embossing and a color block layout with Geared-Up Garage (below), then progressed to a complicated die cut card and finished with some scene building layers with Grassy Grove (a big hit here in the Upper Midwest.


Ready to watch? Grab a cuppa and take a little break while I do all the work! You'll be glad you learned these two layouts.


Thanks so much for your support of Song of My Heart on Facebook and everywhere else! When I see a comment from you it just makes my day. I appreciate you!

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