Make these Beautiful Autumn notecards for your friends!

Beautiful Autumn punch pack Stampin' Up fall leaves oak acorn maple Lyssa

There's not very many papercrafting tasks as satisfying as finishing a big stack of notecards and knowing you're set for the month! That's how I felt when I tied the last twine knot on 16 of these simple Beautiful Autumn cards and tucked them into the organizer that sits right out on my desk so I can grab one in the moment.

These were so simple to make, with the help of the Autumn Punch Pack, and so economical, with just one package of cardstock, that I had to share! All you do is stamp the longer stems in an L-shape in the corner, then layer some of the leaf punches over the top, and add a sentiment. Easy!

Ready to recreate these cards at home? Here's what you'll need:

Autumn is my FAVORITE season! I am loving the cooler nights and smiled yesterday to see the yellow tinge to our big front maple. The colors of fall are are just so gorgeous, I could cheerfully play with them year-round. What's your favorite time of year? Are those your favorite colors to stamp with, too?

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