Love all your pieces funny Christmas card

Love pieces puzzle stampin up rubber stamps Christmas holiday card DIY cardmaking

"Love you to pieces" is kind of a weird phrase, if you think about it.  I googled it to see where it came from and the first known use of "to pieces" was way back in 1788. The English say "to bits." It might have it's origins in the phrase "blown to bits" which isn't very pleasant. But the general meaning has always been "a lot, almost beyond description."

In our extended family, however, it has morphed into "I love all your pieces" based on my nephew's adorable mess up when he was little. So I knew exactly which Christmas card I wanted to give my mom this year! She'll love it… to pieces! : )

Ready to recreate this card at home? Here's what you'll need:

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1 thought on “Love all your pieces funny Christmas card”

  1. Lyssa, I get a big kick out of researching phrases as well! Your card is super cute… sure to be a big hit. I’ve really enjoyed your posts lately, especially your easy, no-nonsense Christmas cards. Thank you for sharing!
    I “met” you first on Pinterest, when I was a newbie crafter- trying hard to make heads & tails of the art of paper-crafting. Your approach made it easy to learn. Then we officially met at Onstage, in the Spring.
    Best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a joy-filled New Year, my friend.


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