Layers of Beauty stencils and stamps

Have you been catching our live Facebook stamp camps? If not, treat yourself to the next one (schedule here) and enjoy a blissful day deep-diving into creativity with me! Last month I did a stamp camp with my teammates Lori and Kristine, and I was assigned the Layers of Beauty bundle. WOW!

I am SO GLAD I got this bundle! the first time I saw it I was like, do I really need another floral set? But the answer was a resounding YES YOU DO! Because as I sat in the audience and drooled over the gorgeous samples the presenters were turning out, I was smart enough to hit submit on that shopping cart–and you will be, too!

The bundle comes with not only dies but a stencil set with five layers to ink up and get the most astoundingly realistic shading on your leaves and blossoms. It’s fast and fabulous!

So in the stamp camp I showed TEN different cards (in one hour, I was bookin’ it!) and that wasn’t even everything I’ve made with Layers of Beauty. So I feel super confident in reccomending this one to you. If it’s time for a little retail therapy and something to get the mojo flowin’ again, you can’t go wrong with this one!

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