I did it! Whew!

Whew! My convention presentation is over, and it went awesomely! I am so relieved. And it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I just loved it. Everyone seemed very appreciative and asked a lot of questions, so I thought that was a good sign. I can't wait to share these projects at my Feeling Flirty stamp camp in August!

Lookie here, I got my very own sign… and it's in the trunk of my car waiting to come home with me–fun! I'm wearing the free Memento Mall t-shirt the presenters got–here's a picture that shows the design a little better. It's very pretty!


Hmm… having problems with Typepad, so I guess I'll hit the hay for tonight and show the display boards tomorrow. Thank you all for rootin' for me. WHAT A DAY!! It's been so encouraging to hear from friend after friend that you believed in me. I'll refrain from singing "The Wind Beneath My Wings" (nobody wants to hear that!) but please know I appreciate you! I hope my little successes encourage you to dream big for yourselves.

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7 thoughts on “I did it! Whew!”

  1. Lyssa – Your display looks awesome! I hope you share your projects on your blog after your August camp. Great job and so happy to hear that it went so well! Enjoy the rest of Convention! And CONGRATS on Founder’s Circle!! I am so excited for you!

  2. Lyssa, you did an amazing job! Your projects were SUPER gorgeous and you are just too cute. It was such a joy to see you and all your lovely work. 🙂

  3. Lyssa, congratulations on your achievements! Knowing you, I’m sure your presentation was fun. I can’t wait ’til August to see you wonderful projects. Enjoy the rest of convention.

  4. HOLY MOLEY! You look so professional, yet your sweet, fun, and SPUNKY self shows through too! Glad it all went so well. Now even more of the stamping world know knows “LYSSA ROCKS”!


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