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Honor Flight patriotic DIY cardmaking America Cards for the Troops www.songofmyheartstampers.com

Last weekend a dear demonstrator friend of mine from Arizona was here in Wisconsin for a health conference, and we squeezed in a grand time around her schedule. We only had ONE shot at having a stamp time together, so rather than just putz around unproductively in proximity to each other, I asked her if it was ok if we worked on Honor Flight cards for my team's service project this month. She was delighted! And I am happy to report that not only did we get my goal of 20 cards finished, we doubled that and managed to get 40 done!

Honor Flight cards for American troops patriotic DIY www.songofmyheartstampers.com

I wanted to share the designs for these cards in case any of you are looking for easy patriotic layouts. Just a reminder, if you are making cards for the military, they absolutely cannot have ANY glitter, glitter paper, glitter washi tape, glitter embossing powder, etc. These cards do not qualify in that regard. But you can swap out the glitter paper punches for regular or foil paper punches.

I hope these cards inspire you to thank a veteran! It only takes a few minutes, but will mean the world to someone whose life is completely different because of the sacrifice they gave to their country. Soldiers' wives and mommas would really love a note, too. And if you're part of a fun group of crafters who likes a project, consider Honor Flight–they need tons of cards for every flight!

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3 thoughts on “Honor Flight service project card designs”

  1. Such cute cards and I love that you did them for Honor Flight. My husband is involved in it here in VA and he is so blessed to help the vets go to Washington, DC. Thank you for doing this.

  2. Oh Lyssa these are fantastic! I was on to something kind of like your top card but couldn’t figure out what to put on the flag part! I just remembered there is a star in the set of Watercolor Words. I saw some metallic colored pencils at Hallmark yesterday – would they work to go over seas? My husband works at Camp Dodge in Johnston, IA outside of Des Moines. I am going to ask him about making cards to send. A couple of times he took cards to San Antonio to the VA Hosp to the Burn Unit and Amputee group. I would love to make cards for the military again. Thanks for the ideas!


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