Happy Defense Day to Mike! Taco Cards

Today is a big day for my family. Michael is defending his PhD at 3:30 this afternoon. If he passes (and he will, he’s a straight A student and they’ve been very impressed with what he wrote!) he will officially be Dr. Z! We are so proud of him and what a great example he’s been to his students… always keep learning!

I made this card for my honey because he is famous for wearing crazy Hawaiian shirts every time they have a casual day. He has amassed a Rather Large & Gaudy Collection at this point. I’m afraid I started it by taking him to the Big Island of Hawaii on our first Stampin’ Up incentive trip back in 2009. Students often gift him with the loudest ones they can find, some even bringing them from their home countries overseas.

So we’re throwing a big graduation party, Hawaiian-themed, of course! Hooray for my handsome history professor!

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