Hand delivered thank-yous

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I had a couple of thank you cards and gifts to hand-deliver to special people at the regional seminar last Saturday, among them this rainbow-colored heart punches one I made for Shannon West. She is both amazing and awesome as well as immensely talented, so this stamp was perfect!

Isn't the rainbow adorable? This was a super fun card to make. I am getting tons of good out of my Small Heart punch lately! Click here to see one of my favorites with it. Pink Inspiration

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I also made this little Hug card for my downline Cristy, to give to her some encouragement before her demonstration that morning. Unfortunately, it never made it off my desk and into my regionals bags. I will have to give it to her later. It's ok–she knows I'm a total flake. I am forever handing people sealed envelopes and explaining that apparently I wrote them a card sometime in the past and I can't remember why or when, but it has their name on it, so here it is.

Wondering where these stamps are in the catalog? They are from a hostess-exclusive stamp set called Perfect Words (page 12 of the 2011-12 Idea Book & Catalog). I got them because they say exactly the things my team members deserve to hear right now–they ARE fantastic and they DO inspire me. They totally ROCK my world!

You can only get this stamp set by hosting a party, though, and time is running out for this catalog year. Email me today at zwolaneks@att.net to schedule your party!

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