Griffin Family Adoption Day!! Here we go again


My heart is so full! These two handsome fellows are my new nephews, officially, as of Friday. Justin and Seth had a BIG day–all the excitement in the morning (well, a lot of hurry up and wait!) and then they got to sleep in their new bedroom for the first time that night, too!

Everyone has been working on the addition super hard to get it ready in time. It was SUCH a joy to see what a difference the GoFundMe account that so many of you have generously donated to has made in their house. And even better was the happiness of ALL the kids as they talked my leg off while giving me a tour of everything they helped with on the construction… and the new chickens and all their various pets and the big garden and toys and boyfriend issues and and and!!! I love being an aunt.


It was a very different experience from the previous adoption of Jack, Jessica and Miriam (above, in glasses) in 2018! Coronavirus meant limits on the number of people that could even be in the courthouse, let alone the courtroom. Just the siblings alone exceed the eight-person limit!! I wasn't even sure I'd be allowed in but decided to drive down anyway. It was so sweet to get to love on everyone I haven't seen in many months due to Covid. They've all had it and recovered, although there are still lingering side effects in the adults.


With the help of an iPad we were able to see and hear the proceedings, and the judge could see the whole family (my oldest nephew was "there" in the form of a photo since he couldn't get away from university.) What a joy to have it all settled, the last papers signed and dated! God has moved in every step of the process, arranging things as only He can, bringing it all to fruition on Friday, a year exactly since we started the GoFundMe.

So that's what I did with my weekend! Here's the card I made for the boys (and promptly forgot to take down there with me!!)

Geared Up to Celebrate garage car themed stamps Lyssa Stampin Up adoption congrats

Just had to share my joy with you today. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to everyone who prayed and gave to help rescue these two little boys from the sad situation they were in. God bless you all for caring about my family. I always say crafters are the most generous people I know. And you proved it true once again.

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