Game Spinner Cards–Leadership 2011

Aren't these just great? They had a whole display board of these totally fun spinner cards based on the new Take A Spin stamp set (Occasions Mini page 10). I will try to point out cool things they've done on each card. This first one is just awesome, with all the precise matting and bold colors. Love how they wrapped it with pom-pom trim on the card below:

I thought this one was so clever! They punched a circle out of the center so they could insert a Sweet Treats Cup. Isn't that smart? The next one uses a Sweet Treats Cup, too–only this time they made up little dividers for the inside so they could separate the colors of M&M's!!

I have a lot more samples of spinner hand cards to share, but they will have to go in another post! Don't touch that dial! And if I've convinced you that you need to get this totally unique, one of a kind stamp set–visit my shopping website here.

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