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What an amazing deal! The Starter Kit is a great bargain anytime, but in May 2022 you can get a huge bonus package added on!

Here's what comes in the Starter Kit for Stampin' Up!

  • any $125 worth of Stampin' Up products YOU pick for just $99
  • a case of 8 NEW catalogs to pass around to friends & family
  • free business supplies pack (in case you decide to make a business of it)
  • NO shipping, only your state tax!

Isn't that amazing? Not only do you get to pick out 100% of the kit yourself, you don't get stuck with any pre-determined items you don't care for or need. Just all new toys you love! What an amazing shot in the arm this Starter Kit will be to your crafting!

Team 1

When you join under me you'll be part of the Song of My Heart Demonstrator Team, an amazing group of inspiring, hilarious ladies spread out over 25 states.

We have a fantastic Facebook group with product discussions, games and virtual meetings. There's also a monthly newsletter with awards, challenges, team news and helpful reminders so you don't miss any of the fun. I LOVE giving away prizes and rewards to my girls. Prepare to be spoiled rotten!

Members of my team also get free access to My Layout Library, free admission to any of my popular demonstrator business "boot camps," and free social media help and graphic design. Did I mention I love to spoil my team?

Ready to go for it?

Still have questions? Let's chat!

Here's a few of the most commonly asked questions I get:

  • Do I have to do workshops and recruit? NO! Getting the starter kit does not mean you are obligated to hold parties or classes, recruit, or ever place another order, if you chose not to. It is 100% without strings. If you choose to build a business, though, I've got your back! And you'll be learning tips from top demos in the country on my team.
  • Can I still be your customer? YES and NO! Yes, you can still come to my events and take advantage of any specials I offer. You should order from yourself, however! You'll be getting a great discount, earning rebates and accruing incentive trip points when you do. Even if you only order the minimum amount to stay active, it adds up! Being on my team is even better than being my customer, though. You're going to LOVE it and feel so, so spoiled!
  • What is the minimum to stay active? I love answering this question! It's just $300 a quarter, which is easy to do by yourself or with a friend or family member. And everything you purchase for yourself counts towards that $300, unlike lots of other companies. Even better news tho–the quarter you sign up in is FREE–so if you join us in May, for instance, your first $300 will not need to have been sold/bought until the end of September. Pretty cool!
  • What if I quit? I'll cry! No, I'm kidding. Life happens! People come and go –and often come back when the stars align again. If your SU journey comes to an end, you never have to return the Starter Kit. No one will call and harass you or anything. I'll let you know what your options are for returning later if you want to give it another go. You'll be welcome back anytime!


And now just for giggles, here's some funny questions I've been asked over the years!

  • Can you tell that to my husband? YES! I've actually met with hubbies before to reassure them their wives are not getting into some crazy pyramid scheme. I'd be happy to chat with the two of you about how you can earn income and build your business wisely. Let me lay their concerns to rest–you just enjoy the creative part!
  • Do I have to tell anyone I'm a demo? NO! If you want to just join and get the discount on your own orders privately, that's your business. We have lots of friends on the team that are their own best–and only–customer! That said, however, it doesn't hurt to pass out the free case of catalogs when your Starter Kit comes. Even one or two friends ordering with you can help you meet the minimum sales and stay active for years of fun to come.
  • Do I have to get rid of my other stamps and tools? Oh goodness no! Use whatever makes your heart happy. Share whatever makes your heart happy. But if you're doing this as a business, try to showcase current Stampin' Up goodies, and only post shopping links to products you sell (both of which just make sense.)

Did you think of a question I didn't cover here? Let's chat!

I can't WAIT to welcome you to my team. We're going to have a ball! See you soon!

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