Five fabric-embellished cards

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I am enjoying the fun new trend of incorporating textiles into papercrafting! Stampin' Up hit a home run with the new Summer Smooches Designer Series Fabrics, and I loved coming up with these five cards which all use the scraps of this outfit I made for my daughter Natalie.

All the cards use the same basic supplies: Summer Smooches fabric, With All My Heart stamp set, Blossom party die for the Big Shot, and Brights cardstocks, inks, and embellishments. Be sure to click here to see the free Photo Tutorial I made on a great stationery box, which also uses fabric scraps and coordinates with these cards.

Card one, above, uses a simple rectangle of scrap cardstock, covered with Multipurpose Adhesive Sheet. Torn strips of fabric of varying widths are laid side by side, and their ends wrapped around to the back. The seams were covered with different ribbons/trims.

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Card two uses the same principle, only this time, I used a larger rectangle of cardstock, and laid the torn strips of fabric on the diagonal. I also left the seams uncovered.I totally love this one.

For card three, below, I just used two five-inch long by one-inch wide torn stripsand laid them across the cardfront, wrapping the ends around to the back. I just used SNAIL adhesive for this one.
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Card four uses Sticky Strip, placed in a line down the front of the card, with the torn strip of fabric ruched (pleated) onto it. I then laid a second strip of fabric down next to it, adhered with SNAIL adhesive (which actually works great for single layers of flat fabric.)

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The final, fifth card, used a combination of all three techniques–the rectangle, ruching onto Sticky Strip, and the SNAIL-adhered torn strip, as well as the ribbon embellishment. The ends are wrapped around to the back nice and snug, and the rectangle is adhered to the cardfront.

Can't beat fabric for adding texture and the "touch factor" to a project! I hope you've enjoyed these five ideas for how to incorporate fabric into your cardmaking as much as I enjoyed coming up with them. I won't deny I'd love it if you'd give me a shout-out when something I've posted inspires you! Which of the five is YOUR favorite?

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  1. My favourite is your favourite, but I LOVE them all!! Great techniques for people who don’t sew! (You can’t really say non-sewers, because then it looks like you are talking about the underground water/waste management system – isn’t that weird!?) đŸ˜‰


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