First day of school 2009

Here's our Monday morning by the stats:

new pink and blue backpacks: 2
new Princess and Wall-e lunchboxes: 2
pairs of pants suddenly discovered to be too short: 1
jackets worn on a chilly 50-degree August morning: 2
stuffed animals brought along for comfort: 1
ponytails worn: 2
photos emailed to grandparents: 4
total teeth missing: 5
carrot sticks sent for lunch actually consumed: 0
children sent off to school smiling: 2
weepy mothers left behind: 0
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2 thoughts on “First day of school 2009”

  1. THANK YOU for being brave enough to admit you don’t weep! My kids are big kids now but I don’t think I EVER wept until the first one left for college, and that was because she was going 6,000 miles away!!! It is OK to love your kids and not miss them for a few hours 🙂


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