Fabulously inspiring fall colors for cards


The colors delighting my gaze these days are so gorgeous! The giant tree outside our house made me literally gasp the other day as I rounded the corner towards home. It was so brilliantly yellow against an absolutely cloudless turquoise sky.

We have another tree in our neighborhood that has this one branch that turns bright red right away every autumn, while the rest of the tree stays dark green for weeks. The comical contrast makes me laugh every time I pull up to the stop sign.

Natalie and I have developed a super fun but growingly expensive habit of stopping by the pop-up pumpkin patch that our neighbors across the river put out on their lawn every year. Driving past that sea of orange is an instant mood-lifter every morning.

This year they've added pumpkins in not only white but shades of yellow, pale blue and even gray! And the baby ones that fit in your palm are only 50 cents!!! You see our problem. When I have change in the cup holder and they put a new batch of babies out, and that primo parking spot is open on the way home from school, we're gonna stop and take a minute to drop some coins in the old mailbox wired to the oak tree and pick out a couple to add to the tableaux on the front porch.

With all this inspiration around, it's no wonder a bunch of what I've been making lately is fall cards! I'm behind in posting all these pretties, but hopefully you'll forgive me? once you get distracted by all the leafy fun!





Ready to get some of this gorgeousness? Here's a list of my absolutely favorite fall-related Stampin' Up goodies and why I love them!

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I hope you take some time to pull some pretty fall color combos and play this weekend! All that color is so good for the soul.

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  1. Even though these were posted last year, they don’t ever go out of style and fall is my most favorite of the seasons. I, too, absolutely love the colors of autumn and your cards stopped me in my tracks. Thanks for sharing them. I feel some inspiration coming on me!


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