Embellish Your Business

Hello, friend! It’s long been my dream to assist other demonstrators to run their businesses in a healthy, sustainable way. Stampin’ Up has been such an important part of my life for the last 20 years, that I would be willing to do almost anything to ensure it sticks around forever!

Over the years that desire to assist the company by encouraging demonstrators has taken many forms, from speaking at multiple national and regional company events, to serving on the Advisory Board and Demo Councils, to hosting and speaking at training events with fellow demonstrators. I ran a demonstrator business resource blog for many years, then moved to an active Facebook group for more daily interaction.

I’ve loved it all. The BEST part of this job is meeting fellow stampers working as creatively at their business as they do at their craft!

As I pass through various stages in my life, first as a young mom of toddlers, then playing taxi for endless kids activities, now I’m supporting my young adults as they finish their college years while I lovingly assist my parents in their sunset years and run my own brick and mortar studio downtown. I’ve kept looking for ways to inspire and motivate demonstrators that would be effective for them, as well as sustainable for me.

As my own team grew over time and my role turned more to one of training and developing leadership, I quickly discovered many demonstrators out there with little to no support, so hungry for a little celebrating, a little encouraging. There was a huge population actually suffering from lack of guidance and someone to believe in them. Too many felt alone in their journeys.

Now, the largest part of my day is ministering to other demonstrators. And it’s time once again to adjust the medium used to deliver practical help and positive encouragement, to keep it sustainable (practicing what I preach!) I also wanted to be able to deliver social media graphics at a more intense level than I’d had time for in the past. The times, they are a’changing!

So I’m excited to announce the opening of my new business newsletter subscription! It’s truly a work of heart. My goal is for you to be super excited to click on every new issue because you know it will be packed with great ideas, growth-minded positivity, and useful images like page headers and product ‘Glamour Shots” you can use to advertise.

At this time we’re planning on offering these categories in each bi-monthly issue:

  • an encouraging, upbeat personal note from Lyssa, or an exclusive video session
  • calendar of upcoming dates with tips for strategically planning ahead
  • free social media graphics and a monthly calendar of engagement prompts
  • team engagement tips, games, graphics and challenges so you can shine as a leader
  • printable customer helps, team handouts, and custom business and organizational forms
  • both in-person, online-only and “hybrid” event ideas and themes
  • “What’s Working” member spotlight

We’ve set the price for the Embellish Your Life business subscription at just $9/mo because I want any business-minded demonstrator at any level to be able to access the support and encouragement they need as affordably as possible.

I sincerely hope you will find it the best $9 you ever spent on your business!

Ready to grow? Let’s do it together.