Butterfly Swing card

Rose butterfly swing card  Good morning! I have a very fun card to show off this morning. I designed this card after being given a business card with this same layout–the butterflies are actually on the back of the card, so when you lift the cover, the card returns to a solid sheet. KInd of hard to explain, but very fun to make!

The only thing you HAVE to have to make this work is the Coluzzle. I have been working and working on you ladies to get that tool! I know I have finally convinced some of you that you really do need it. I love mine–there's a definite learning curve when you're first working with it–but hey–that's my job security, right? If you didn't need someone to teach you how to use it, you wouldn't need me!

So to make this cutie you need to find the center of your paper on both edges of the cardstock, and mark it with a pencil (DO NOT fold it in half to find the center). Then line up the circle template of the Coluzzle so that the little placeholders for the lines are centered over those pencil marks. You want to run the blade along ONE side of the circle (not both), using the third circle in from the outside edge. If this sounds ocmplicated, it really isn't–go grab your Coluzzle and you'll be able to visualize it better.

After you have cut the half circle, fold the card in half leaving that circle poked up. One side will be longer than the other, so trim that off. The remaining card should fit in a regular envelope!

To finish off the card, cut a circle of Whisper White using the fourth line in from the outside edge of the Coluzzle. Stamp all your parts, assemble, and embellish! For this card I used Flight of the Butterfly (get it for free for hosting a party in January!), Rose Red cardstock, ink and narrow grosgrain ribbon, Regal Rose ink, and the Stamp A Ma Jigg to line up the butterflies perfectly.

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