Butterfly Farm MDS pages

South Caribbean-030
South Caribbean-031
I got all artsy at the Butterfly Farm on St. Maarten and took a LOT of photos of the butterflies and the fruit and flowers they were feasting on, so I've been looking forward to scrapping these pages in My Digital Studio. It was super easy due to the pre-made photo box layouts that come with this awesome software! I also turned the fan palm photo into my background paper, mirror-imaging it with a single click of the mouse so that both scrapbook pages are not identical.

It was so peaceful in the butterfly enclosure. Everyone else seemed to hurry on through and head for the gift shop, and I was all alone in this gorgeous jungle for the majority of the time there. I felt blessed to have one of the pretty things land on me and sit a while. It was just another awesome morning on the Stampin' Up incentive cruise to the South Caribbean… I'm so spoiled!

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  1. Oh, sweet memories! You know, one “scraps” a lot of memories when your children are LITTLE, but it is AWESOME to scrap them with ADULT memories of your children, TOO! 🙂 THANKS AGAIN, Lys, for taking ME on that SU trip with YOU! XXXXMom


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