Blast Off with Natalie

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Natalie and I stamped together last night. It's a much rarer event than you might suppose: I am always working on business stuff and have to maintain a professional concentration that goes right out the window as my eight year old chatters away. She also prefers drawing to stamping, finding stamping too limiting for her extremely active imagination. When we do stamp together, though, it's always fun!

I have been wanting to train Natalie on the new ink pads, because they require a much lighter touch than we are used to. I was going to let her keep all my old pads, but we really don't have space for two Color Caddies! So those are all packed up to find new homes, and we practiced together.

Natalie chose my new Blast off stamp set and composed the card on the left, above. She wanted me to be SURE to show you the inside. I was so proud of her figuring out how to ink just the top of the little astronaut and get him inside the window of the rocketship!

Here's the back. Too cute! I think she must be proud of me. I worked alongside her and managed to get two done in between trying to keep her from double-dipping the colors and putting goopy stamps back in the case. Here's the other one. I really love that new Piercing Template thingy.

DSCF0766 copy
I can't wait to REALLY play (as in concentrate) with this set. The possibilities are intriguing, and with the new ink pads, solid-image stamps are a breeze now!

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5 thoughts on “Blast Off with Natalie”

  1. Yay – thanks for the inspiration!! I always let Jaymen choose a set as a theme for his birthday (in August), and he chose this one! We will be having a space party, and I can hardly wait to sit down and figure out invites, thank you cards, and decor!! I particularly LOVE the paper piercing you have done on these 🙂

  2. I love the back of Natalie’s card – too cute!! Rachel (17) stamps with me sometimes; but usually I come home to find my craft desk “rearranged” from her having a stamping spree while I’ve been at work 🙂 Nice cards, Zwolanek girls!!

  3. Great job Natalie!! My Anna is just like you, she prefers to draw rather than do art that has a definition to it like stamping. She prefers to color “outside the lines!” :o)


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