Best Ever Monster Bash! spooky sweets and wicked wraps

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Hey friends! Thanks for joining Penni and I as we collab once again on our fun annual blog series! We've collected all this year's cutest Halloween fun for the Best Ever Monster Bash. Today is Day Four and tomorrow we wrap up, so be sure to scroll back to see what you missed. There's still time to order anything shown here from my online store and get it in time to make your own goodies and decor before the 31st.

Skinny pocket treat holders 6x6 stampin up paper classroom pencil candy halloween

Let's start today with a quick tutorial you are going to love because the holder is so versatile, it can hold all kinds of stuff! All you need is a 6×6 piece of patterned paper and a strong adhesive like Tear & Tape or Liquid Multi. I used the Monster Bash papers for my samples.

To start, fold your 6×6 square in half vertically.

Open it up flat again and fold the sides into the middle.

Open it up flat again and put it so that the side you want facing in (not showing) is up.

Skinny pocket treat holders 6x6 stampin up paper teacher classroom pencil tutorial candy halloween

Fold the top and bottom corners on the right hand side in to the nearest fold line.

Fold the top left corner in all the way to the middle fold. Crease everything sharply with a bone folder.

Add a line of Tear & Tape to the far left edge below the folded part.

Skinny pocket treat holders 6x6 stampin up paper teacher classroom pencil candy halloween

"Roll" (fold) the paper up from left to right, still with those corners fold in. When you get to the final fold, take the liner off the Tear & Tape and press to seal shut.

The folded bottom corner, now hidden, prevents your item from falling out the bottom, while the gentle pressure from the other folds and the roll of the paper keeps the items from slipping out the top too easily.

Any long skinny treats or non-food items like fun pencils, nail files, hi-liters (or bone folders!) can be slipped inside. Such a cute presentation for a small gift!

Coffin boxes Stampin Up halloween treats candy precut easy DIY tutorial rubber stamps holiday

While I was working on those, Penni and her hubby Rob were having a little too much fun with the coffin boxes left over from their wreath (day one). They got pretty creative! See the one wrapped in caution tape?

And look at the hanging spider Rob engineered with a piece of black thread when you open the lid of this one:

Coffin boxes Stampin Up halloween treats candy precut easy spider DIY tutorial rubber stamps holiday

That makes me want to work on some pop-up ideas! I like these coffin boxes because they're easy to dress up or down, depending on how much time you want to spend. They are good-sized (about 2 by almost 4 inches by 1.25 tall), so you can put some fun things in them instead of just tiny candies. And they're pre-cut, so you don't have to buy an expensive die you're not sure you'll use much!

Coffin boxes Stampin Up halloween treats candy precut easy DIY tutorial rubber stamp holiday


Today's easy fall party treat came from Debbie over at One Little Project blog. I mean, you can probably make Rice Krispie Bars in your sleep at this point in your life, right? So add a little food coloring to the melted marshmallow/butter mix before you stir in the cereal. How easy is that? We love it!

PSST…. Debbie says to be SURE to completely coat your hands in butter or oil before attempting to roll the balls, or it will stick to absolutely everything. Allergy moms like me will love you until the end of time if you use natural food coloring, gluten-free pretzels and plain, regular M&M's (not peanut).

I can't believe tomorrow's our last day of the Monster Bash already! We have more ideas than we can really fit in one post, but we'll do our darndest! Then you'll have until Monday to get your orders in and earn the free Holiday Haul stamp set with any $75 spent. See you then!

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