Advanced Papercrafters Class (APC) October 2013

Ready for a sneak peek of one of the TEN different amazing ways we’re going to be using the new Card Thinlets in class on October 28th? Yeah, I thought so! Check this out!

You can extend the normal length of the back panel of the card so that it is long enough to fold over and tuck back under the flip-flop part, by cutting your cardstock slightly less than 5.5 inches tall. The length should remain the normal 8.5 inches of a regular card.

The slightly decreased height will enable to you to pull the cardstock through the die so the right hand edge of the card is actually sitting on top of the die and sticking out, as shown above. Run it through the Big Shot like normal, with the new Magnetic Platform, or with the Multipurpose Platform with all tabs closed.

When it comes out, you’ll see how that extended panel did not get cut off by the die–but it perfectly scored and just the right length to fold over. Congratulations! You now have a flip-fold card that’s much larger and has more interior writing space!

That’s just ONE of the versatile ideas I’m going to be sharing for the flip-fold Card Thinlets at the Advanced Papercrafter’s Class (APC) on October 28th, 2013. You’ll go home with five completed cards that will totally wow your friends! I hope you will join us.

Cost for this APC class is on a
sliding scale, to suit your needs!

Class fee is $20 without an order


$10 for anyone who signed up to be a demo this month!


$5 with any order of $25 or more


FREE with any order of $50 or more!

Which option will you choose?

Contact me no later than October 21st to reserve your spot. Song of
My Heart Stampers’ APC series of classes are small, exclusive sessions
for intermediate to advanced crafters who want to reach the next level
of stampin’ knowledge of tools and techniques. Email me if you have any
questions! Hope to see you there!

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