“A Simply Scored Christmas” Star Package Topper/Ornament

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Howdy, folks, and welcome to another day in my December 2011 blog series, "A Simply Scored Christmas." Some of you might be groaning a bit right now, thinking, "Oh yuck, a paper star? Those are so hard and putzy!" But I assure you, this is the EASIEST and most addictive paper star out there–you're going to flip out first and run to the stamp room second.

All you need for the simplest version of this star is a piece of 6×6 Double-Sided Designer Series Paper (DSP), the Simply Scored board, a stapler, and some Sticky Strip. If you want to make the double, fancy version, you'll need 2 of the 6×6 pieces, plus ribbon, Crop A Dile,and eyelets. I'll wait while you gather your stuff…. ok….. (munch, munch)… all right! We ready? Then here we go! And no, I'm not sharing the Godiva Chocolate Pearls my hubby brought me…

Score your 6×6 paper at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 inches. Yup. That's it. Real hard, wasn't it?

Then fold it back and forth like you're making a paper fan.

Hold it folded up in your hand with the cut sides facing downward, and cut both ends at an angle as shown in this slightly blurry photo. The cuts should start at the lower corners and head on inwards at about a 45 degree angle. It does NOT have to be exact, and can be trimmed later as needed, so don't freak yourself out too much on this step.

Find the center of your folded up fan (three inches in from either side; you can measure it, or eyeball it like I did and then pull out the poorly-located staple and try again–twice) and staple it once.

Then you just spread it out! Use Sticky Strip to secure the star together nice and tight.

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Or, if you like liquid glues such as Tombow Mono, here's a handy little tip for you" use the Library Clips or Clips Assortment as little mini clamps to hold your project while it sets, and keep your fingers glue-free!

Ok, that was the simple version–to make the double version, make two of the 6×6 pieces and tie them tightly together at the center. Then fan out as before and secure with adhesive. I turned this one into an ornament for our as-yet-undecorated tree!

DSCF9323 copy
The backsides of these are just as pretty as the fronts, if you use double-sided paper. I used Frostwood Lodge (Holiday Mini Catalog #124002) on all of these stars. You can, too–give me a holler and I can have a package for you in about a week. Or, you can order both Frostwood Lodge DSP and the Simply Scored tool, plus Sticky Strip, Tombow Mono and all kinds of other goodies, at my shopping website.

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Now, didn't I tell you it was easy? And aren't you glad you perused this post? I'll never make another putzy, multiple-piece paper star again now that I know this trick. And my friends and family are getting cute, easy package-toppers that double as ornaments. Stop back in tomorrow to see a great photo tutorial on a Tall Hexagonal Box, next up on "A Simply Scored Christmas!"

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5 thoughts on ““A Simply Scored Christmas” Star Package Topper/Ornament”

  1. Just fluttering by and landed on your blog – what an inspiration! I just love these stars and can’t wait to have a go with my grandchildren. Thanks for sharing and for making the instructions so clear. Now I’ve found you, I’ll be popping back to see what else you have in store :0)

  2. Lyssa, I am a frequent stalker of your blog (daily, actually) and I feel like I know you! I love reading your posts, your humor, and your projects. I have never left some comment love before, but today, I felt I needed to make an exception.
    These stars are the coolest things I’ve seen in a very long time. Not only did you show a beautiful project, you took the time to explain how you did it! and without charging me to get it!
    Thank you so much for your beautiful blog and your time ‘n’ talent you share every day. You are a bright spot for me each day!
    Merry Christmas!
    XOX Ariel (in NC)

  3. Ariel, thank you so much for taking a moment to write. I appreciate it immensely. My tutorials always have been and always will be free–I feel very strongly about that. What keeps me enthused and posting is comments like yours! Merry Christmas to you, too. Wishing you lots of papercrafting time this week : ) LZ


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