A rainbow of butterflies coming your way

Woo needs a card Lyssa Stampin Up floating fluttering butterflies rainbow

Hello, my fellow crafty friend!

Are you like me–constantly looking at home goods in the store or photo layouts in a magazine–and thinking what a great card that would make? I remember being SO inspired by the carpet in a hotel one time. And I bought my bedroom curtains because they reminded me of one of my favorite cards way back when.

Inspiration is ALL around us! What inspires you?

  • Sometimes it's the productsideas start coming faster and faster as you flip through the new book and start imagining the possibilities.
  • Sometimes it's the partya life event provides you with a much-needed excuse to get together to reconnect and celebrate.
  • Sometimes it's the person-your feelings for them find their expression in perfectly-pulled-together images and inks.
  • Sometimes it's a prayerour hearts just have to spill out through art and speak comfort to the other person and to ourselves.

Whatever the source of inspiration, whether it comes from within or without, I hope you'll listen to that prompting and make some time to get into the craft room. It's good for the soul! And you never know when something that inspired you will inspire someone else.

That's all I'm doing here at Song of My Heart–sharing what inspired me. That's all being a Stampin' Up demonstrator is! You don't have to be good at sales or have a knack for business. if you did, I certainly would not have been at this for 15 years now! I never would have even started.

Let's have a heart-to-heart this week about what your life would look like if you were not just a customer friend but a co-worker friend, and we were out there just sharing inspiration–together. 

Like an unexpected rainbow, or a visit from a delicate butterfly, your creations change change the whole tenor of someone's day.

But the opportunity can change the whole course of someone's life.



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