31 Pages in 31 Days: yearbook club, Day Twenty-nine

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Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me for Day 29 of 31 Pages in 31 Days! Every day during August 2021 I'm posting an inspiration layout here on the blog. You can play along with the challenge or just enjoy pinning ideas for later. We're almost finished with this year's scrapbooking series, but I hope you'll subscribe to my free once a week papercafting newsletter, and stick around for all the fun!

Year book scrapbook layout spread Stampin Up 31 Pages Days Lyssa

Today's page (the first made in my brand new studio!) celebrates four years of yearbook for my daughter. She loves it, and I love that she is gaining valuable computer, writing and design skills! I am proud of her for sticking with it even during busy times when it would have been easy to quit.

Year book scrapbook layout spread pages Stampin Up 31 Pages Days Lyssa

She has talked a bunch of her friends into joining, so this page has space for all of them individually, plus a few group photos. She can fill in as many squares as needed and leave the rest blank, or journal in them. If you want to recreate this look, the squares are 3.5 inches and the longer, two-panel rectangles are 7.25 by 3.5 inches.

I used all kinds of leftover paper for this spread, so I'm just going to link to Stampin' Up's paper collections and call it a win! If you are like me and HAVE to have color coordination, and INSIST on quality, heavy cardstock and acid-free adhesives, you can't go wrong with Stampin' Up.

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Thanks for browsing and buying–every time you do, it helps support Song of My Heart and this annual blog series can continue! If you've enjoyed it, please leave me a comment. I appreciate it! See you tomorrow for Day 30!

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  1. I have loved this series. It has so inspired me! Thank you so much.
    I was also in yearbook! Many, many, many years ago, but a yearbook spread still calls to me.


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