31 Pages in 31 Days: so blessed

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Sometimes scrapbooking takes us out of our comfort zones, doesn't it? We have to get creative and try to make a page when we don't have easy papers or pieces to grab for the theme we want. Well, today's page was out of my comfort zone–very feminine and very light! I tend to go more for brighter color and bold design. But it's fun to shake things up once in a while!

31 Pages Days suite sampler peony garden Stampin Up scrapbook layout box Lyssa

My creativity is getting a workout with Peony Garden, a beautiful but not-quite-my-style suite in the Stampin' Up catalog. It's gorgeous, and it's not hard to use, it's just really fancy! And Petal Pink and Smoky Slate are both very calming. Which can be a good thing AND a bad thing when you're trying to get a bunch done in the craft room, amiright? 

When I am done with the inspiration pages and cards for this month's Suite Sampler, I will probably reach for the Brights first thing. What color family do you tend to work with the most?

That's it from me today! Happy Sunday! Spending time shopping with my oldest who is off to his freshman year of college in just two short weeks (oh my WORD typing that makes me feel old!!!) No empty nest for us, though. Dan's not quite ready for dorm life just yet. In a weird year like this, I don't mind that at ALL!

I told him that eventually, though, I AM going to turn his bedroom back into the office we once enjoyed!

I'll see you back here Monday for Day 10 of 31 Pages in 31 Days. Hope you're enjoying the blog series!

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