31 Pages in 31 Days: retired & gone fishing

Hello friends! Did you ever buy a paper pack just for one or two sheets? I did! I wanted to make a fisherman’s layout or two, but I knew I’d need to come up with something for the rest of the pack. Thankfully, Stampin’ Up paper is double sided and they are GREAT about putting more generic, versatile designs on the backs of any paper that is super specific (like Let’s Go Fishing.)

So several more pages I’ll be sharing for the daily inspiration will all be using this pack! And here’s a link to the entire suite, if you have a bunch of fisher-people in your life! Hope you’ll find it helpful as you use up your own paper stash and search for great patterns to replace your stock.

Isn’t this cute? So we have fish I handcut from one of the patterns, strung on a line, and we also have flies and poles patterns along with the mustard and olive plaid that brings to mind his favorite flannel shirt.

I couldn’t help but think of my Grandpa Griffin as I scrapped this! I can still conjure up the smell of him (bacon and lake water!) and feel the rasp of his white beard stubble on my cheek. I miss you, Grandpa! Thanks for teaching me to fish, filet and fry. I haven’t done it in years but some skills you never forget.

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