31 Pages in 31 Days: positive thoughts

SSS 2020-001

I have a blissful problem… I'm out of paper! Well, not really OUT, but quite low and definitely in need of an order soon. That's a great sign that I've been getting lots of pages accomplished!

Welcome back to 31 Pages in 31 Days, my annual August blog series featuring a single or double-page layout for your inspiration every day of the month! Feel free to set yourself a ten-day challenge and finish out the month with me. You'll be ten pages ahead of where you where today.

This layout is unusually monochrome for me, but when all the Gray Granite photo mats are filled, it should look great. I used three different papers for the background pages. NONE of them were a full 12×12 as they were all leftovers from various projects, so I pieced them together to make complete 12×12 pages for my bases. Thrifty me!

31 days layout pages album scrapbooking 12x12 Lyssa Zwolanek

The secret to making monochrome work is texture. Monochrome and flat is boring. I added depth and dimension in several ways–first, through photorealistic papers resembling a wood wall; second, through tone-on-tone stamping of the fern images; third, cut and layered butterflies; fourth, the netting-patterned piece from the Forever Gold specialty laser-cut papers (turned to the white side). The photo mats overlap each other in places, too, and there's some spatter stamping here and there. Finally, the sprinkle of Elegant Faceted Gems add some subtle bling.

Seven different ways to make a page non-flat! All together, even though it's all taupe gray, it's far from boring. What's your favorite way to add texture and depth to your pages and cards?

31 days layout pages albums scrapbooking 12x12 Lyssa Zwolanek

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