31 Pages in 31 Days: mornings on the lake

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Ok, this may be a little bit weird… have you ever scrapbooked a layout for someone else's album? Someone who scrapbooks themselves? When I saw this gorgeous yellow and green paper (top right in the photo below) I was reminded of a misty morning looking across the lake, with bare feet on the deck and just a little chill left in the air to make you wrap your fingers around your coffee cup.

Well, I haven't been to the lake in eons, and my BFF Penni and her family just got back from a week at a cabin up north, so I'm going to give her this layout to give her a headstart on scrapping their vacation.

31 Stampin Up pages days scrapbook layouts challenges lake cabin woods forest

First off let me be very clear that the greens in this photo did NOT photograph well, and neither did the yellows and browns! I swear this all matches in real life! I tried adjusting it in Photoshop and it looked even worse, so you'll just have to trust me–and buy a pack of the Artistry Blooms patterned papers so you can see for yourself.

31 Stampin Up pages days scrapbook layouts lake cabin forest woods


Want to give this one a go at home? Here's what you'll want to have on hand:

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I hope Penni likes her page! And no, I am not taking requests right now : ) But I will see you tomorrow for Day 26!

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