31 Pages in 31 Days: me & boo, Day Twenty-two

31 Pages 31 Days 2021-001

Today's inspiration layout for 31 Pages in 31 Days is a shameless plug for my annual Halloween crafting series! Every year my BFF assistant Penni and I do several posts on crafts for October. There will be spooky scrapbook pages, a wicked cute wreath, kooky classroom treats, and frightfully punny pop up cards! You can look back through the Archives at past Octobers to see a wealth of easy tutorials and clever ideas from years' past.

31 October halloween pages days Lyssa Stampin Up scrapbooking boo stamp

After I got this page done, I realized I missed an opportunity to have the headline read "me & boo" instead of "me & you." That would have been cute! But I think I did pretty well considering I don't have any Halloween-specific supplies right now. But you can do a lot with just color and the suggestion of a theme, right? And I found one tiny "boo" stamp in an all-occasion set and pressed that into service.

31 October halloween pages days Lyssa Stampin Up scrapbooking boo stamps

A White craft ink pad swiped across the surface of the page is a great way to add the suggestion of dusty cobwebs, as well as tone down stark black or too-bright orange. In fact, a white craft ink pad is a super-useful tool for scrapbookers. You can easily highlight embossed pieces, age or antique for a vintage look, or simply sponge a light layer over a color that doesn't quite coordinate with the more subtle intensity of the rest of the page. Get one here–it comes with a refill!

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See you back here for Day 23 and a Penguin Party page you'll have to sit right down to make!

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